St. Peter's Basilica entrance Information

Cupola Visit: To access the Dome (Cupola), head right from the portico entrance. After obtaining your ticket at the office, ascend to witness breathtaking city vistas. The average wait time is around an hour.

  • Operating Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Necropolis & Treasury: The treasury area requires a separate fee. Explore relics like ancient tombs, columns, and sculptures, including the Necropolis. Tickets must be purchased in advance for entry via the Basilica's left side.

  • Operating Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Grottoes Exploration: Beneath the Basilica lies the Vatican Grottoes, housing Papal tombs. St. Peter's Tomb, said to contain the Apostle's remains, is notable. Secure Grottoes tickets online or from the Scavi office, accessible solely through guided tours.

Operating Hours:

April 1 to September 30: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

October 1 to March 31: 7:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Secret Entry: A little-known entrance to St. Peter's is accessible through a small door on the Sistine Chapel's right side.

Explore the Spiritual Beauty of St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica, located in Vatican City, is one of the most magnificent and renowned religious structures in the world. With its awe-inspiring architecture, rich history, and religious significance, it stands as a symbol of the power and influence of the Roman Catholic Church. The basilica is named after Saint Peter, one of Jesus Christ's apostles and the first Pope, who was believed to have been buried on the site. St. Peter's Basilica is characterized by its massive dome, towering above the Vatican skyline and offering breathtaking panoramic views of Rome.

The interior is adorned with intricate marble work, grandiose sculptures, and exquisite artwork, including Michelangelo's famous Pieta. It serves as a place of pilgrimage for millions of Catholics worldwide, attracting visitors who come to marvel at its beauty, seek spiritual solace, and witness important religious ceremonies, including the election of a new Pope.

Plan your visit to St. Peter's Basilica

How to Reach
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Plan Your Visit St. Peter's Basilica

By Metro: Ottaviano-S. Pietro, just outside Vatican City, is the nearest metro station, located only 5 minutes away from St. Peter’s Basilica. 

By bus: Many buses may transport you from Rome to Vatican City. From Termini Station, board buses 40 and 64 to reach the Vatican City. From Repubblica station, take bus number 62 and from the Colosseum, hop on bus 81.

By train: St Pietro is the closest train station to Vatican City. Saint Peter's Basilica is just a 10-minute walk from the station.

By taxi: You may also visit Saint Peter's Basilica via taxi, although they are less common and more expensive. 

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Best time to visit St. Peter's Basilica

Weekday vs Weekend
Weekday vs Weekend

Generally, weekdays tend to be less crowded than weekends at St. Peter's Basilica. If you have the flexibility, visiting on a weekday can provide a more peaceful and less crowded experience, allowing you to explore the basilica with more ease and tranquility. Weekends, especially Saturdays, tend to be busier with tourists and local visitors.

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Plan Your Visit St. Peter's Basilica
Peak Season vs. Low Season

Peak season in Rome, including St. Peter's Basilica, typically occurs during the summer months (June to August) and around major holidays and events. During peak season, the basilica can be quite crowded, with long queues to enter. If possible, consider visiting during the low season, which includes the winter months (November to February), as the crowds are generally smaller, and you may have a more relaxed and enjoyable visit. Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to October) can also be good times to visit, as the weather is pleasant, and the crowds are relatively lighter compared to the peak summer months.

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Best way to reach St Peter's Basilica

Best way to reach St Peter's Basilica

1. Recommended Path: Driving is the best option if you are wondering how to reach St Peter's Basilica because it is fast and cheap (in terms of gas or car rental costs).

2. Cost-effective technique: Taking the bus is the cheapest option for getting to St. Peter's Basilica. Making use of the public transportation system in your city is a cheap and efficient method to get where you need to go. However, the mode of transportation you select should be based on your starting point; some areas of cities may not be adequately served, resulting in a more time-consuming and difficult trip.

3. The quickest way: If you are thinking of how to reach St Peter's Basilica in the least amount of time, then you may choose from the options of booking a cab or boarding a bus or metro. To save time, use a taxi or drive yourself to St Peter's Basilica. Taxis can be pricey, but they spare you the trouble of locating parking and the need to refuel on the way. If you're short on time, this is the best option.

4. Tourism path: If viewing the sights and getting a feel for the local culture are high on your list of priorities, then a trip to St. Peter's Basilica by public transportation and foot is a great way to do both, taking use of the city's reliable public transportation system is a must.

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Additional information on St. Peter's Basilica

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St. Peter's Basilica Facilities
  • You can buy audio guides in several languages to learn interesting information about the Basilica. 
  • There are many cloakrooms available at the site where you can store all items that are not allowed inside the building. 
  • Three restrooms are present inside the building.
  • A snack bar and many gift shops are located at St. Peter’s Basilica. 
  • There are four car parking areas where you can park your car on your visit to the Basilica.

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 What is the best way to visit St. Peter's Basilica?

    The best way to visit St. Peter's Basilica is by arriving early in the morning. At this time of the day, there are fewer people and hence, you can explore the monument in a better way.

What time can I visit St. Peter's Basilica?

What is the best time to visit St. Peter’s Basilica?

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